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Modern European - Fine dining

Chef recommends with wine


With White Wine

Pepitoria Chicken: Almond and Saffron Pudding, Baby Vegetables and Red Wine Sauce.

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Little James Basket, Saint Cosme Rouge, N/V (France)


With Red Wine

Shrimp and Avocado Cornet: Tomato, Coriander, Chili and Lime

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Torres, De Casta, Garnacha Rosado, 2015 (Spain)


Sous Vide Cooked Rotolo of Lamb with Porcini: Red Wine Risotto, Porcini, and Red Wine Jus.

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Penfolds, Koonunga Hill, Shiraz Cabernet, 2015 (Australia)


With Dessert / Sweet Wine

Imitation Mushroom Garden: Textures of Coconut, textures of chocolate and cinnamon.

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Torres, Moscatel Oro, N/V Sweet Wine (Spain)


With Sparkling Wine

Smoked Yellow Bell Pepper Espuma: Tahina, togarashi, cumin, almond, and sesame oil

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Ti Amo, Prosecco Brut, N/V (Italy)

Chef recommeds with wine
Wine list

Wine list

Features 98 wines from 9 countries, of which 19 wines are served by the glass. In addition to serving affordable wines, both Indian and international, the restaurant also has Champagnes on the list. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced wine drinker, Caperberry’s extensive selection of red, white, rosé, dessert and sparkling wines has something for everyone, and for every occasion.


Wine Price:

By the glass (150ml): Rs 375 – 750 

By the bottle (750ml): Rs 1250 – 25000 

* Wine availability and prices at the restaurant may change without prior notice. Please check with the restaurant before ordering.


Caperberry is a multi-awarded, gourmet restaurant using molecular gastronomy techniques to create modern European dishes. Innovation, premium quality and attention to detail are the essential guiding principles of this restaurant. The clean design, creative menus, carefully selected wine list, impeccable service and warm hospitality at this world-class restaurant blend together to create a delightful sensory journey for its diners.

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