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Wine is a delicate beverage. To get the most out of your new wine purchase, you need to treat it right. If you’re planning to drink the wine on the same day of purchase, it doesn’t really matter where you keep it. Any longer, then this guide is for you.

Where to store it

Wine likes cool, humid and dark conditions. Temperature fluctuations, vibrations, direct sunlight (even overhead fluorescent lighting) and any source of heat are an absolute no-no. Store your wine in the closet, a cool cupboard or in your home bar cabinet where it is cool and where the temperature does not fluctuate.


PRO TIP: Invest in a wine fridge (also called 'wine cooler') that keeps all your wines at a cool, constant serving temperature, and is better than a standard food refrigerator. If you are a collector and intend to age your wines for more than a decade, a wine cellar is your best option. Wine cellars have a consistent temperature and controlled humidity, which is most critical for aging. Professional services are available for storing your age-worthy wines. 


How to store it

Wine bottles with a cork closure should be placed horizontally as it allows the liquid to remain in contact with the cork and prevents it from drying. This, in turn, makes the seal airtight. For bottles with screw caps, it’s okay to store your wines upright.


How long to store it

Most modern wines are meant to be drunk immediately or within 1-2 years from manufacturing. They are likely to deteriorate, rather than improve, with time. On the other hand, there are some specially crafted wines that will age and improve for decades, if stored well. The aging potential of such wines is usually mentioned on the labels.

How to store leftover wines

Like leftover food, wine loses its freshness and flavor with each passing hour or day. An opened bottle of wine can be kept for up to 3 days provided it is sealed properly and kept away from direct sunlight or heat. Store the open bottle upright in the refrigerator.

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A wine saver vacuum pump set from Vacu Vin

TIP: Wine preservation gadgets like vacuum pump and stopper are available in the market, which can be used to preserve leftover wines. But if you want to worry less about that unfinished bottle consider buying a half bottle (375ml) instead.

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