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As long as you have a glass of wine in your hands, it doesn’t matter how you hold a wine glass. But if you want to make the right impression with your social etiquette, read on.

a stylish young man holding a wine glass

Ever wondered why wine glasses have long stems? Elegance is one but there are also some practical implications to this design. It’s common to see most people holding a wine glass by the bowl. Probably, they find it most comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with that if the mood is to enjoy, socialize and generally have a good time.

But if you find yourself in some social situations, perhaps at a classy party, a formal wine tasting, a fine dining restaurant, an upscale bar or an event, you might want to make a statement by holding the wine glass the right way. And it’s really very simple.

Just hold the glass by the stem or at the base.

Practically, it does three things:

1. It prevents your wine from warming up too fast affecting its taste.

2. It makes swirling the wine in your glass easy without spilling.

3. Avoid smudges or greasy fingerprints on the bowl of the glass.

right and wrong ways to hold a wine glass

TIP: If your wine is too cold, you can hold the glass by the bowl to warm it up a bit.
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