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Mediterranean - Casual dining

Chef recommends with wine


With White Wine

Cigrare Boregi: Cheese and Mix Herb Stuffing with Spicy Tomato Dip

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Fratelli Chardonnay (India)


With Red Wine

Surf and Turf: Grilled Prawns, James Smith Farm Duck Leg Confit, Dauphinoise Potato, Roasted Apple and Red Wine Jus

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (India)


Black Rice and Millet Risotto: Local grains take the stage to recreate an Italian classic

Brand(s) you may consider:

- SDU Reserve Shiraz (India)


With Rosé Wine

Smoked Salmon Labneh: Capers, Dill and Paprika

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Four Seasons Blush (India)


With Sparkling Wine

Assorted Vegetarian Kebab Platter: Fava Special Kibbeh; Cottage Cheese and Vegetable Skewers with Dukkah rub; Mushroom, Broccoli and Onion Sheesh Kebab

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Chandon Brut Sparling Wine N/V (India)


Assorted Non-Vegetarian Kebab Platter: Chicken Jujeh Kebab; Lamb Adana Kebab; Turkish Fish Kebab

Brand(s) you may consider:

- Chandon Brut Sparling Wine N/V (India)

Chef recommeds with wine
Wine list

Wine list

Has 93 wines from 10 countries, of which 19 wines are served by the glass. In addition to serving affordable wines, both Indian and international, the restaurant holds various wine promotions regularly such as Happy Hours, discounts on promotional wines etc, to encourage wine enthusiasts experiment and broaden their palate. Sparkling wine cocktails and wine sangrias are on offer too.


Wine Price:

By the glass (150ml): Rs 375 – 750 

By the bottle (750ml): Rs 1250 – 25000 

* Wine availability and prices at the restaurant may change without prior notice. Please check with the restaurant before ordering.


Fava is a multi-awarded, chic Mediterranean restaurant built around the concept of sustainability and good health. Being a wine-friendly restaurant, it enjoys the distinction of having Bangalore’s only wine preservation and dispensing system that allows its patrons to savor a wide selection of wines by the glass. With a contemporary setting, complete with teal French windows, a dazzling al fresco bar, and an intimate, relaxed indoor and outdoor seating, Fava promises to take you on an unforgettable gastronomical journey.

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